Quality Guarantee

Every single Soofre piece was carefully handmade by highly skilled craftsmen in Europe, whom we know and trust.

We have spent a significant amount of time traveling the world, looking for places and people to collaborate with, before settling for our beautiful atelier in Istanbul.

Only a handful of people are working here, and they’re all extremely passionate about what they do. Each and every single one of them shares our love for creativity with fabrics and the idea of creating beautiful and unique things.

We have watched them work and have seen them bring our ideas to life. We trust them to always make sure that they make every piece they work on the best possible. However, it was a long creative process to get every Soofre piece to the place it is now, and we couldn’t have done it without this extraordinarily creative and skilled team.

Every piece of leather is cut by hand. The only real machine we use is the sewing machine. All fine-tuning is only possible by hand, for example edge painting. It requires certain skills and special care, which machines can’t provide. And most of all: time.

Soofre Handmade Quality shoulder strap
Soofre Handmade Quality stitching bucket bag
Soofre Handmade Quality crossbody purse flap
Soofre Handmade Quality painted edges
Soofre Handmade Quality crossbody purse

The most important thing is: At Soofre, we all play for the same team. We treat our employees with respect and pay them fair wages to honor their great work.

We want you to love your Soofre piece just as much as we love making them.

For a sneak peek of how our products are made, watch the video below.

Soofre Warranty

We have high confidence in our workmanship, materials and designs, and our customers’ happiness is paramount to us. Therefore we offer a 365 days warranty for every product. Unintended manufacturing defaults are unlikely, but should show within that time. If there’s any reason why you are not satisfied with our products, please get in touch with us so we can determine the cause of the problem and find a solution.

This warranty does not apply to product damage caused by accident, abuse, or neglect. Also, the warranty doesn’t cover the natural change of materials due to its aging.

Please note that leather is a living material. Slight imperfections, creases, and changes in color throughout time are part of its nature and individuality. Colors may and will differ slightly from pictures.


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